Unseen Warrior

One of my favorites, this was originally going to be a mystic scene in a novel-length work. But that was a writing project that was taking far too long, and I began to tinker with excerpts like this. It has since been reviewed (and though the reviewer liked it, he didn’t really get what it was about at all, bless him ^_^)
Think mystical, think spirit warrior, think Unseen Force beyond understanding. Then you’ll be headed in the right direction.
I’m appreciate that the editors at HFQ for gave me a shot, new and unknown as I am. This was my first piece accepted for publication. If all goes well, they’ll be running a short fiction piece of mine next month


Breaking–In Strange Horizons

An old poem based on an action-packed nightmare I had years ago. I took a chance on submitting it to Strange Horizons, and thankfully the Poetry editor loved it! Recently they asked me to read it for their podcast as well, and though I’m not a fan of my own voice, was pleased they liked the result.