Thoughts on Writing

Blogging is a lucrative undertaking for many people, but it is also a field that is somewhat…swamped!
(It saddens me that while I know what “lucre” is, and am familiar with the named Lucretius and Lucretia, I seem to have forgotten how to spell “lucrative.”)
The blogging field is so vast with so many sites, blogs, Zines, Mags, and, you know, mag-a-zines, there is a flood of potential work, but also an Aegean Stable of work to find it (If you’re not familiar with the 12 tasks of Hercules, please look them up & be enriched by the allusion). 😉
I think the most grueling work I have done to date is not, as many writers say, sitting in front of the blinking cursor and blank page willing the words to come, it’s

A) my own perfectionism (nothing on my personal blog makes my grade, FYI)

B) The research, reading, and tampering trying to find the right “fit”

C) The submissions process

D) The waiting for a response, many of which simply do not come. Rejection implied.

What amazes me is that writers keep at it, even when it’s discouraging. I think we have to be very determined or a little obsessive, or maybe both.

The silver lining is that, there always seem to be more submission calls…


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